4. Fighters: Contracts and Fees

Signing Fighters

You can sign fighters to your stable by going to the relevant gym and viewing a list of Interested Fighters.

These are fighters who, for a variety of reasons, are attracted to your gym. Being local to that gym is the primary reason but others such as facilities at the gym, the current trainer, the gym’s reputation as well as the quality and status of other fighters all play a part.

If a fighter wants to sign with you, tap the Sign button on his screen. If the fighter wants to talk they’ll notify you and two contract options are provided to choose from.

As your reputation grows in the game the number of type of options available to you increase and decrease accordingly.

Fighter Contracts and Fees

An important part of Boxing Manager lies in our unique fighter fee system. Success in the game will not come without mastering the ability of making money out of enough fighters to build your bank.

Every fighter in the game possesses an estimated purse fee that, all things being equals, represents a fair purse for their next fight. The figure updates throughout the game against events such as fight results, rankings, injuries and so on.

Successful managers need to sign and renew fighter contracts to strategically make more money on their winning fighters.

Having losing fighters remains a fact of life for all managers. The trick remains in ensuring that you don’t lose too much on those signed fighters whose value has decreased after losing, especially if you have signed a long and expensive contract

Renegotiating existing contracts

Once a fighter belongs to your gym you can maintain a relationship with them that involves (assuming both sides are amenable) a constant process of renegotiation.

A boxing career can, if successful, very quickly generate vast wealth for both manager and fighter. At times these changes can come so fast that imbalances between the fighter’s contracted purse fee and the amount that they are currently worth can widen significantly within a two or three fight period.

Consequently, there are times when fighters will refuse to sign for fights unless you look to address these imbalances within the contract.

Honouring the nature of contracts with successful fighters can be as much a part of giving back some of the huge gate receipts to ensure that the relationship with fighters remain on a good level.

Fight Record

Fight record displays a list of the fighter’s professional fights to date.

The list shows each fighter together with the opponent, the opponents record at the time of fight and details of the result itself.

Depending on screen size other items are also shown. These include the rankings of each fighter for each world title organisation at the time of the fight being created (not fought). Also the fighter’s fee at the time of the fight may also be displayed.

Following a fighter

You can follow a fighter in order to bookmark them for easy future reference and to receive news items relating to their career.

Follow a fighter via the menu of the Fighter’s own screen. Similarly, unfollow a fighter from the fighter’s screen.