8. Fights: Watching, Betting and Instructing

You can watch and bet upon ANY fight in Boxing Manager regardless of whether you manage either of the fighters taking part.

You can watch a fight by tapping the Go to fight button on the Fight screen.
At the fight you can do a number of things (aside from buy yourself a hotdog and a beer).

You can bet on any fight in the game world. To bet on a fight you must place your bets before the first bell by tapping the Betting option where it appears in the menu.

On entering the fight screen the configuration of the bottom menu will change to reflect your relationship with the fight.

For those fights where you are the manager of one or both the fighters, managers are presented with the opportunity to work in the corner and provide instructions to their fighters as well as receive updates at the end of each round from the trainer in the corner with the fighter.

Ringside Fight Instructions

When a fight involves one of your fighters, managers have the opportunity to give the fighter instructions before the fight and between rounds.

All or nothingOffensiveAn extreme instruction. Your fighter will look to take more control of the fight as they look for a KO. Going for the big punch however creates big holes in their defence and they may become increasingly susceptible to having to take a count themselves.
Jab and moveOutsideJab and move allows the fighter to use more of the ring and decrease the chance of getting them getting hit. It also decreases the chance of getting tagged with a big punch. These benefits are however balanced by a significant increase in the amount of energy the fighter expends each round moving around the ring.
Cover upDefensiveCovering up allows the fighter to attempt to shield themselves from punishment. By increasing defence and using their arms as protection they reduce their chances to fight back in becoming a more static (albeit better protected) target for their opponent.
Go to the bodyInsideSetting your fighter to go to work on their opponents body sees them largely sacrificing knockdown opportunities and some defence as they work inside and look to steadily lower their opponent’s energy levels.
Use the ringOutsideMoving constantly around the ring the fighter expends more energy whilst becoming harder to hit. The fighter’s knockdown opportunities are reduced significantly. Also some judges find the style too evasive and not aggressive enough to score in the fighter’s favour and close rounds can often go against a fighter using the ring.
Smother insideInsideSmothering allows greater control in the clinch and decreases the amount of leverage in their opponent’s punch power, thereby reducing the chances of knockdowns. However, the smothering fighter becomes significantly easier to hit as they focus on reducing the effect rather than actually defending the punch.
Plant your feetOffensiveLeveraging more strength into the single punch, the extra punch power obtained by planting the feet comes at the expense of being more static and thus easier for the opponent to avoid.
Go for KnockoutOffensiveThe fighter will go looking to gain control of the exchanges in search of a clean knockout. He’ll significantly compromise his defence and leave his chin wide open to a big punch when doing so.
Pile on pressureOffensiveSome fighters look to dominate and control the fight by getting on the front foot and attempting to throw more combinations, albeit at the expense of using considerably more energy.
No instructionNeutralThe fighter takes to the ring and fights according to their natural abilities and attributes.

Fight Betting

Having a bet remains an intrinsic part of fight night and Boxing Manager allows you to bet on any fight in the game.

The in-game bookmaker compiles odds on an “on demand” basis come the night of any fight.

To view the odds, go to watch the fight as you would any normal fight. The Betting button remains available until the sound of the first bell. The odds will take a short time to be created on the first time viewing the markets for a fight

Two markets are created for each fight. Firstly, a Win market. The player can pick either fighter or the draw as options to bet with this bet.

The second market has the name Win Type. Betting on this market allows a manager to pick both the name of the fighter and the type of victory (eg KO, TKO, Pts) for a wider variety of prices to choose from and useful if the fight has a heavy/short favourite in the Win market.

The type of event and your managerial history with the in-game bookmaker stake sizes are determined at the time of bet submission prior to placement.