1. Getting Started: New Game

Making a new game

Boxing Manager starts you out on the bottom rung of the managerial ladder.

You start each new game with a single gym in a country of your choice.

From there you pick a group of novice fighters, hire a trainer for the gym and embark on a career within the world of boxing.

Choosing your names

You make a new game from the opening screen of the game by selecting New Game.

Firstly, add the first and second names you wish to use as manager. These are the names you will use throughout your career in the game.

The game also generates a “business” name for you but you can also choose your own. Remember, you cannot change them so make sure you choose good ones!

Choose game world type

You can choose from two types of game world: a new game world with entirely new generated fighters or a new managerial game using the game world from a previous saved game.

If a previously created game world is available on the device, you will have the option to use the “Previously Generated Game World”.

Boxing Manager allows for unique game world to persist and develop with you even when you create new managerial games.

Choosing this option allows players to start a new managerial game as normal but by reusing the same game universe as their previous game. Allowing for an immediate greater familiarity with the game world of their new game and in order to create a richer and deeper game experience as that previous game world develops further in the new game created.

Your first gym

After making these selections and allowing the game to do some setup you will create your first gym!

Gyms are a crucial feature in Boxing Manager.

Your first gym comes as part of your starting business.

The size of your Gym determines how many fighters can sign to your stable at any one time.

Gym location determines from what countries and regions you can sign fighters from.

The gym’s trainers, facilities and existing fighters determine the quality of fighter you can sign to the gym.

Equally, training programmes for fighters can be determined once you have hired a trainer for your gym.

Your first fighters

Once you have created your first gym you can sign fighters.

A starting manager can pick up to four fighters at the start of the game.

At this stage, you can choose to pick none. However, the choice of fighters at this stage will always be better than those after the ‘new game’ mode has ended.

After selecting your starting fighters, the game’s set up will complete and take the player to Boxing Manager’s Main Menu.

Note: The selection of fighters available at the start of the game may be smaller when using the “Previously Generated Game World” option.

Basic Boxing Manager game play

After setting up the game world, you are taken to the Boxing Manager Main Menu. From here you will continue playing the game.

The game world takes place over an indefinite number of weeks. During each game week you can perform a number of actions such as scouting and signing new fighters, managing your global network of gyms, changing training plans, watching and betting on any Boxing Manager scheduled bout, as well as managing the corner when your own fighters take to the ring.

The game advances one week at a time and gameplay continues until you have conquered the world of boxing or have run out of funds and goodwill with which to continue as a manager.

Aside from new rankings appearing monthly, everything else, as in the real world of boxing appears as it is generated in the game world. No fixture lists, no guaranteed winners, It’s boxing.

Let’s get started. Good luck!