3. Gyms and Trainers

Gyms are at the heart of Boxing Manager.

In order to sign fighters to your stable you must first have built a gym to assign them to.

The size of each gym determines how many fighters can be signed to that gym. Consequently, gyms determine the overall size of your stable.

The location of the gym determines what nationalities and regions you are able to sign fighters from. For example, if you want to sign fighters from the USA you will have to create a gym in the USA. Alternatively, you can create a gym in a nearby country, encouraging/allowing USA-based fighters to relocate to it

Gym facilities, alongside the quality of the stable, attract trainers to work at each gym.

Gym overview

The Gym overview screen gives you a summary of the gyms currently under your control.

To access a gym, tap its name in the Gym list.

The Gym overview screen shows details of how many fighters remain to be signed to your stable and which gym has remaining capacity to assign them to.

Creating Gyms

Gym location

The location of your gym relates directly to the nationality and region of the fighters interested in signing to your gym and stable.

If a manager does not possess a world class reputation, fighters from other countries are unlikely to join. There are exceptions. For example, when a manager has a world class reputation or the gym possesses high-profile/prestige champions.

Once chosen, a gym location cannot be changed.

In smaller counties or where boxing has less popularity there may be occasions where gyms do not attract any fighters. Given the dynamic and unique nature of every game of Boxing Manager this occurs on a random basis. An absence of fighters in any location does not mean there will always be no fighters – it simply means that there are none at this precise moment/moment in time.

Gym size and facilities

When you create a gym, you are able to determine both the size and facilities of the gym. There are seven sizes of gym to choose from.

Gym sizeNumber of fighters in gym

Gym facilities determine how attractive the gym appears to trainers and fighters who can potentially sign for your gym.

The gym facilities also have some bearing in terms of the success or otherwise of each fighter’s respective training plan.

Gym Facilities can be Minimal, Basic, Average, Well-equipped, or State of the art.


After creating a gym, you need a trainer. Certain game elements such as assigning trainer routines to fighters are not possible until a gym has a trainer employed at it.

A list of available trainers in that locale can be seen from each gym screen.

Hiring and firing trainers

Displayed on the list of available trainers are an overview of a trainer’s abilities and attributes and weekly cost of their salary.

A currently hired trainer can be fired directly from the menu option on their page. It will be likely that a payment of advance wages will have to be paid as part of their firing.

Firing a trainer can also result negatively in the relationships with the fired trainer as well as with any fighters in your gym who work well with the trainer or if the firing appears unjustified to the fighters

🥊 TIP Whilst superficially easy to change a trainer, the effect in in changes of trainer within the gym and on the fighters at that gym are often significant. Any changes should not be undertaken lightly let alone regularly.


To understand how a trainer impacts a fighter’s training, go to the Growth and Training section of the manual.

Attracting and signing fighters to gyms

You build your stable of fighters in Boxing Manager by signing interested fighters to your gym.

To find a list of fighters who may be interested in both signing to your gym and you managing them, go the Gym in question and tap Interested Fighters.

From there you will be able to approach fighters who may be interested and choose from a range of possible contract options relating to length of contract, guaranteed fight fees and a signing bonus.

Whilst the fight fees are paid per fight, the manager must have available funds in their current funds to pay the signing bonus if the contract is to be signed.

Upgrading the gym

The options for upgrading the gym are shown by accessing the Upgrade option from the gym menu. The options for those upgrades are shown above the choices for size and facilities made when initially creating the gym.