2. Boxing Manager Main Menu

Boxing Manager’s main menu provides a gateway to the game’s most significant features.

In particular, you can access the areas where you manage your stable of fighters, stay abreast of the wider game world as well as advancing within your unique game world.

News and In-Tray

From title fight news to info regarding extra payments made after fights, from ranking updates to training news, any important game information appears in the In-Tray area of the Main Menu.

Tapping each item reveals more information about the specific item including options to react to the In Tray item.

Keep up to date with the In-Tray to avoid missing out on crucial game information.

The News icon text changes colour to alert the player to any new news or in tray item in the current week.


Gyms are essential in developing a successful stable of fighters.

From the Gym menu you can get an overview of all your stables, your weekly gym costs and details on stable size and gym locations.

Go to the Gyms section of this manual for more details.


The stable provides an easy to access overview of all fighters currently under contract to you.

It also displays at a glance ordering of the stable by the number of fights, remaining, current XP, current and contracted minimum fight fees. The stable also shows your fighters’ attitudes towards you!


The Rankings screen gives access to the entire collection of boxers in their particular game world.

Fighters can be filtered in a number of ways.

By clicking a fighter’s name, the full details and fight record for that fighter can be viewed.

Rankings update approximately every four weeks. Each time that the rankings are updated an In Tray item will appear informing you of changes for fighters currently under contract to you.

🥊 TIP After winning a fight it is usually a good idea to wait until new rankings are generated. This will allow you to benefit from any positive change to the fighter’s ranking.


The Finances screen provides a detailed breakdown of your stable’s finances, breakdowns of cost and revenues and other relevant details such as fight records.

In addition to the current values, the Finances shows the changes to these values over three time periods of One Week, One Month and Six Months.page7image17191392

Current Funds shows the total available funds to the player.

Fight Revenue P/L shows the amount that has been received from fight gate and additional payments from fights involving the player’s fighters.

Betting P/L displays the profit/loss figure for all bets that the player has made in the current game world.

Gym Costs displays the costs incurred through both setting up new gyms and the ongoing running costs of that gym including the current trainer’s salary.

Rating displays the managerial rating for the player. This is also appears displayed on the Stable screen.

XP indicates the manager’s current total of Experience Points which can be used at various stages of the game.


The names and title record of every champion in each game world unfolds on Boxing Manager’s Titles screen.


A full list of the scheduled bouts in the game appears by tapping the Bouts menu item.
On entering the Bouts screen, the player can filter any forthcoming fight via the bottom menu.

Whether you are looking for the list of upcoming title fights, this week’s bouts or your own fighter’s forthcoming bouts, the Bouts screen provides easy access to view the fight list. When tapping the respective fight in the list, a Tale of the Tape style comparison appears, comparing the relevant fighter’s significant attributes

🌟 Starratingsareshownforfightsofspecialsignificance.Thebiggerthefightthemorestars you’ll see against a fight on a scale of 1-5 stars.

👑 The crown icon against the name of any fight signifies that the fight has world title designation.

🥊 TIP You can watch and bet on any scheduled fight within Boxing Manager. You can even determine the strategy and tactics of your own fighters by assessing the fight in this way.

Upcoming Big Fights

The Main Menu displays a list of upcoming title fights including those involving your fighters.

Prior to the fight night for each bout, tapping the fight will show a comparison between the two combatants. Whilst on fight night, tapping the fight will show the Watch/Bet option so that you can bet and view the fight.

In Boxing Manager you can watch and bet on any fight.

To see a list of fights scheduled for the week in question then go to Bouts > This Week’s Fights.

Tapping the Boxing Manager logo

🥊 TIP You can return to the main menu at any point in the game! Tap the Boxing Manager logo wherever it appears on the bottom right hand hand of the screen.

Advance game

Tapping the Advance Game button updates the game one week at a time.

The Advance game button lives in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

During the game advance, all scheduled fights that week are simulated in full, the schedules updated, all fighters fitness assessed and updated and rankings updated when appropriate.

If when tapping the Advance button a stable fight remains scheduled for that current game week the player will be displayed a list of fights for that week involving fighters from their stable.