7. Rankings and World Titles

Success in boxing depends on climbing the world rankings, attempting to get a shot at one of the champions, and then winning that fight.

Having a decent enough fighter won’t ever be sufficient on its own to do all three, and that’s where boxing managers come in.

Finding and making the right fights, against the right opponents, at the right time plays a massive part in managerial success, and knowing where fighters sit in each set of rankings can make the difference between title success or fading out somewhere outside the world top ten.

World rankings

Boxing Manager comprises of three world ranking and title organisations. Fighters rise independently in each of the rankings depending on the result of previous fights and how those previous opponents ranked themselves.

The three world titles are unique and have different characteristics in terms of their individual ranking systems, each of which remains undisclosed to the manager other than the name and abbreviation of the organisation.

Regional rankings

There are also five regional ranking organisations arranged on a broad and largely continental basis. No titles exist as yet for these regional organisations. However, much like the world ranking organisations, managers can customise both the name and the abbreviations of each of the regional organisations.

World title prestige

In terms of prestige, the organisations are ranked from left to right. Therefore, the left-most title represents the most prestige and value, and the right-most title representing the least prestigious and valuable.

Title organisation name change

The unique features and ranking differences are inherent in each of the title organisations. Managers cannot change these.

However, in order to make the game as entertaining and realistic as possible, managers can change the names of each of the world titles as well as the regional ranking organisation details.

To change these details, tap the Titles button the main menu and Title Config.

Managers can change name and abbreviations to anything of their choosing. Once changes are made, these changes persist in every new game until the deletion of the app from the player’s device.

From this screen, the manager can also change the name and abbreviations of the five regional/ continental ranking organisations.