WTBM Fight Styles

NOTE: World Title Boxing Manager (WTBM) is the previous version of our game. If you are looking for help with the latest version of our game, Boxing Manager, please follow this link.

Fight styles


The In-fighter basic strategy directs the fighter to do the majority of his fighting on the inside, ie in close proximity to the opponents body. With a greater work rate than other styles, expect the fighter to throw more punches when employing this style. However, this increase in scoring chances comes at the expense of an increase in the energy they expend.


The out-boxing style suits a skilful boxer and takes advantage of any accuracy in punching and enhances existing defensive skills. On the other side of that is that boxer’s employing this style will see it likely that they are less able to score knockdowns.


Blend some of the power and aggression of the Pure slugger tempted with a more skilful approach to punch accuracy and defensive skills. A useful style if you have a guy who can punch but with more skills than the Pure slugger.


The power punching fighter making his way through the fight looking for the big punch but in doing so runs the risk of catching a few more punches than the other styles.