WTBM Gym and Training Help

NOTE: World Title Boxing Manager (WTBM) is the previous version of our game. If you are looking for help with the latest version of our game, Boxing Manager, please follow this link.

Training and Gym advice in World Title Boxing Manager


Fighter training in WTBM is accessed from the fighter screen and the TRAINING button.


The effects of training are subtle yet occur at two points in the game. 

Each week the fighter’s potential and determination are looked at in combination with their respective training programme and it’s history and potential for changes can occur there. The manager is notified of these changes within the In-Tray/News section.

The effects of training are also felt at fight time where the ability to change tactics and a fighter’s immediate fitness and stamina levels are directly affected by the choices of training programme in the period leading up to the fight. 








The degree to which a fighter’s attributes can be changed is determined by their POTENTIAL attribute.

The degree of Potential that a fighter has is shown on the Gym screen.

The Potential attribute indicate the likelihood that a fighter’s attributes can develop through training. For example, a large amount indicates a high probability that they will develop as a boxer, a lower amount that the fighter’s ability to develop is present but that the likelihood of change is less.

A fighter’s potential changes throughout the game. It is determined by age, results as well as training regimes and trainers and methods.


The rate at which the benefits of training are accrued by a fighter are determined to a significant degree by their Determination rating as well as other game universe factors.


There are four settings per Training area.

– None

– Minimal

– Balanced

– Intensive

None– no training takes place for these attributes or skills. Those attributes or skills are at risk of being seriously diminished at this level. 

Requires 0% effort.

Minimal– a small amount of training is dedicated to training area set to Minimal. Fighters with this level of training intensity can expect to see some diminishment on relevant attributes at this level. 

Requires 10% effort.

Balanced– this level of intensity will most likely but not always see a moderate improvement of a relative attribute above its current level. Balanced intensity also allows for the potential of attributes to grow over the course of a fighter’s career.

The default setting for all training areas is Balanced.

Requires 20% effort.

Intensive– the marked increase in effort requires this will guarantee an improvement of a relative attribute. Depending on game conditions and the fighter’s Determination and potential can also result in larger improvements as well as increasing the likelihood of permanent improvements to attributes.

Requires 30% effort.


Training plans can be set/changed at any time except in the last two weeks before a fight.

Changes to a plan are not advised in the last four weeks before the fighter has a scheduled fight. Any change in this period risks diminishing the effects of training in the previous period and is determined by each fighter’s Adaptability. All fighters will lose some benefits from a change in plan some more than others.


Effort level – In most circumstances a Training Plan cannot be saved if the total level of effort is greater than 100%. Where the effort is greater than 100% the manager must lower training intensity in one or more areas for the Training Plan before the plan can be saved.