WTBM Matchmaker Help

NOTE: World Title Boxing Manager (WTBM) is the previous version of our game. If you are looking for help with the latest version of our game, Boxing Manager, please follow this link.

Matchmaking and making the right fight in WTBM

How to negotiate terms

On accepting terms for a fight, the fighter may, when they feel the estimated gate receipts far exceeds their contracted fee, decide not to accept the terms for the fight. 

In this situation the manager can elect to:-  

1 Cancel the terms and find a different opponent and terms that are acceptable to the fighter 

2 Pay a one-off sum to the fighter in order that they will accept the terms of the fight. The amount depends on the fighter’s current ranking and Box Office attribute. The option to pay a one-off fee depends on the manager’s current funds. In the event that a manager’s funds are insufficient to pay the sum then the option is not shown.

3 Renegotiate the existing contract either by making a new contract with them or by matching their guaranteed fee to any increase in contract value